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Duygu Bektik celebrates submitting her thesis

I am currently supervising six doctoral students: Barbara Conde, Janice Ansine, Anna Comas-Quinn, Hannah Gore, Tina Papathoma and Derek Robertson.

Barbara Conde began her PhD studies in October 2017 as part of the cohort of Leverhulme-funded students working on Open World Learning. Her work focuses on Self-regulated language learning in massive open online learning.

Janice Ansine ibegan her EdD studies in May 2017. She is Exploring citizen science learning journeys through

Anna Comas-Quinn began work on her EdD research in May 2015. She is researching  Open volunteer sites as sites of formal and informal learning, with reference to the Ted Open Translation Project.

Hannah Gore began work on her EdD research in May 2014. She is researching Engagement of informal learners undertaking open online courses and the impact of design. Hannah has already published on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and their impact on academic library services: exploring the issues and challenges. She blogs about her doctoral studies on her Doctor in Waiting site.

Tina Papathoma began her PhD research in 2014. Her work is currently focused on Teaching practices in massive open online courses (MOOCs) .

Derek Robertson began work on his EdD research at The Open University in May 2012, focusing on the research question How can digital video and audio be used to support a sociocultural approach to teaching and learning in Higher Education?

Completed supervision

Duygu Bektik began her PhD in The Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) in October 2012 and passed her viva with minor corrections in December 2016. Her subject was Learning analytics for academic writing thorough automatic identification of meta-discourse. Her PhD formed part of The Open University’s Open Science Laboratory project, funded by the Wolfson Foundation.

Claudia Favero (pictured below after her viva) began work on her EdD research at The Open University in May 2010. Her work focused on digital historians and on Innovation in digital history teaching and research, and she presented on this subject at The Open University and at the University of Sheffield. She submitted her thesis in February 2014 and defended it successfully. Research from her thesis is written up in Favero, C. (2014) Storici digitali in italia: riflessioni ed esperienze, Memoria e Ricerca 47, p. 183

See also Digital Historians in Italy and the United Kingdom: Perspectives and Approaches by Claudia.

Sian Beavers began work on her Leverhulme-funded PhD research in October 2015. At the Future and Reality of Gaming Conference, part of Vienna’s Game City event. Sian’s presentation was on the topic Looking Beyond: Historical Gameplay beyond the content, where she discussed information seeking behaviour and multimedia relationships in relation to historical games, amongst other ideas. I supervised Sian from April 2016 until February 2017, to cover for the maternity leave of her lead supervisor.

Previously I supervised Katharine Jewitt as she worked on her Research Methods masters dissertation on the experiences of technology-enhanced learning by teenagers excluded from school. Katharine went on to study for a PhD at The University of Glasgow and passed her viva in July 2017 with her thesis entitled ‘Using Virtual Reality To Enhance Informal Learning in Small and Medium Enterprises’.

Claudia's viva

Claudia and I, with examiners Martin Weller and Tim Hitchcock

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