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LAK Failathon poster

IMG_2540Our LAK Failathon workshop at the start of LAK 17 generated the basic ideas for a poster on how the field of learning analytics can increase its evidence base and avoid failure.

We took the poster to the LAK17 Firehose session, where Doug Clow provided a lightning description of it, and we then used the poster to engage people in discussion about the future of the field.

Despite the low production quality of the poster (two sheets of flip chart paper, some post-it notes and a series of stickers to mark agreement) its interactive quality obviously appealed to participants and we won best poster award. :-)

Clow, Doug; Ferguson, Rebecca; Kitto, Kirsty; Cho, Yong-Sang; Sharkey, Mike and Aguerrebere, Cecilia (2017). Beyond Failure: The 2nd LAK Failathon Poster. In: LAK ’17 Proceedings of the Seventh International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, ACM, New York, USA, pp. 540–541.

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Learning at Scale: Using an Evidence Hub

LaS posterI took a poster about the Evidence Hub run by the LACE project to the Learning at Scale conference in Edinburgh, which ran just before the LAK16 conference.

Learning at Scale: Using an Evidence Hub To Make Sense of What We Know, Abstract

The large datasets produced by learning at scale, and the need for ways of dealing with high learner/educator ratios, mean that MOOCs and related environments are frequently used for the deployment and development of learning analytics. Despite the current proliferation of analytics, there is as yet relatively little hard evidence of their effectiveness. The Evidence Hub developed by the Learning Analytics Community Exchange (LACE) provides a way of collating and filtering the available evidence in order to support the use of analytics and to target future studies to fill the gaps in our knowledge.

Ferguson, Rebecca (2016). Learning at Scale: Using an Evidence Hub To Make Sense of What We Know. In: L@S ’16 Proceedings of the Third (2016) ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale, ACM, New York.

I also took a companion poster to the LAK16 conference, which took place later in the week in the same venue. The posters are designed (by digital media specialist Peter Devine) to stand alone or to work together.

LAK16 posterLearning Analytics Community Exchange: Evidence Hub, Abstract

This poster sets out the background and development of the LACE Evidence Hub, a site that gathers evidence about learning analytics in an accessible form. The poster also describes the functionality of the site, summarises its quantitative and thematic content to date and the state of evidence. In addition, it encourages people to add to and make use of the Hub.

Ferguson, Rebecca and Clow, Doug (2016). Learning Analytics Community Exchange: Evidence Hub. In: 6th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) Conference, 25-29 April, 2016, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Presenting at EC TEL

Mike Sharples and I presented at EC-TEL 2014 in Graz on Innovative Pedagogy at Massive Scale: Teaching and Learning in MOOCs.

We examined the implications for pedagogy of education at a massive scale. Educational approaches designed or adapted to be effective for large numbers of learners include direct instruction, networked learning, connectivism, supported open learning, and conversational learning at scale.

We used a grounded approach to analyse data from 18 MOOCs run on the UK-based FutureLearn platform. This enabled us to identify benefits and challenges for learners, for educators and for society as a whole of learning at massive scale. These need to be addressed in two ways, through learning design and through platform design.

After our presentation, Yishay Mor interviewed us about it for the Open Learning Europa website.

EC-TEL posterAlso at the conference, I presented a poster co-authored with Denise Whitelock, ‘Taking on different roles: how educators position themselves in MOOCs’.


Educators in massive open online courses (MOOCs) face the challenge of interacting with tens of thousands of students, many of whom are new to online learning. This study investigates the different ways in which lead educators position themselves within MOOCs, and the various roles that they adopt in their messages to learners. Email messages from educators were collected from six courses on FutureLearn, a UK-based MOOC platform that had 26 university partners at the time. Educator stance in these emails was coded thematically, sentence by sentence. The resulting typology draws attention to the different ways in which educators align themselves in these settings, including outlining the trajectory of the course, acting as both host and instructor,  sometimes as fellow learner, and often as an emotionally engaged enthusiast. This typology can be used to explore relationships between educator stance and variables such as learner engagement, learner test results and learner retention.

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Student Learning, Learning Design, and Learning Analytics

A spin-off from the Alpine Rendezvous workshop that I co-chaired earlier this year is this presentation at the Eighth European Conference on Technology Enhanced learning (EC-TE)L.

Hansen, Cecilie; Emin, Valérie; Wasson, Barbara; Mor, Yishay; Rodríguez-Triana, María Jesús; Dascalu, Mihai; Ferguson, Rebecca and Pernin, Jean-Philippe (2013). Towards an integrated model of teacher inquiry into student learning, learning design and learning analytics. In: EC-TEL 2013 Eighth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, 17- 1 September 2013, Paphos (Cyprus)

This paper presents a first version of an integrated model of teacher inquiry into student learning, learning design, and learning analytics. The integrated model aims to capture the essence of the synergy of the three fields and to support the development of a new model of educational practice, which we call ‘teacher-led design inquiry of learning’. Furthermore, we identify how learning analytics and the integrated model inform each other. We envisage that the integrated model will promote quality enhancement in education at a personal and collective level, and will be used to design better learning analytics, learning design and learning enactment tools.

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Designs on E-Learning 2007, London

A week after ALT-C 2007, Gill Clough and I were on the conference trail again, this time presenting the Schome Research poster at the Designs on E-Learning conference at the University of the Arts in London. The conference proceedings contained a slightly updated report of the first phase of the project.

Schome core team of researchers (2007). ‘Schome: the education system for the information age’ in Designs on eLearning Proceedings 2007, proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology in Design and Communication, University of the Arts, London, UK. ISBN: 978-0-9541429-7-8

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Festival of Research: People’s Prize

My comic-book-style poster explaining the current phase of Schome research won the People’s Prize for best poster at The Open University festival of research. (You can download the poster here Schome poster pdf)
Schome research, comic-book style

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CAL conference, Dublin

I had a great time at the CAL conference in Dublin.

My first attempt at liveblogging – including taking pictures with my laptop’s inbuilt webcam.

We took a couple of posters along. The first on our joint research into blogging (download by clicking this link Blogging poster pdf) and the second on my research into online communities (download by clicking this link CAL communities poster pdf)

Blogging: The Postgraduate Research Student Experience















Image of communities poster

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