Innovating Pedagogy 2020

The latest Innovating Pedagogy report came out in January 2020.

If you haven’t seen one in previous years, this series of reports explores new forms of teaching, learning, and assessment for an interactive world, to guide teachers and policy makers in productive innovation. The 2020 report proposes ten innovations that are already in currency but have not yet had a profound influence on education. This year, the team from IET partnered with the National Institute for Digital Learning at Dublin City University in order to produce the report.


Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes; Beirne, Elaine; Conole, Gráinne; Costello, Eamon; Coughlan, Tim; Ferguson, Rebecca; Fitzgerald, Elizabeth; ; Gaved, Mark; Herodotou, Christothea; Holmes, Wayne; Mac Lochlainn, Conchúr; Nic Giolla Mhichil, Mairéad; Rienties, Bart; Sargent, Julia; Scanlon, Eileen; Sharples, Mike and Whitelock, Denise (2019). Innovating Pedagogy 2020: Open University Innovation Report 8. The Open University, Milton Keynes.


Artificial intelligence in education: Preparing for life and learning in the age of AI

Posthumanist perspectives: Confronting the relationship between humans and technology

Learning through open data: Using real-world data for personally relevant learning

Engaging with data ethics: Ethical use of data in digital life and learning

Social justice pedagogy: Addressing injustices in lives and society

Esports: Learning and teaching through competitive virtual gaming

Learning from animations: Watching and interacting with short animations

Multisensory learning: Using several senses to enhance learning

Offline networked learning: Networked learning beyond the Internet

Online laboratories: Laboratory access for all.

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