Educational Visions

Our new book, Educational visions: the lessons from 40 years of innovation, came out online in December 2019 . Both the entire book and individual chapters can be downloaded free of charge from Ubiquity Press or you can choose to purchase a printed copy.

The book celebrates 40 years of the Computers and Learning Research Group (CALRG), bringing together the findings of its four decades of study. In it, we explain how the group has been working to achieve four visions for education

  1. Learning is accessible for everyone
  2. Teaching is adapted to meet learners’ needs
  3. Teams can successfully teach any number of students at a distance
  4. Learners engage enthusiastically with STEM learning.

We outline the great progress that has already been made towards these goals, and some of the work that remains to be done.

Ferguson, Rebecca; Jones, Ann and Scanlon, Eileen (2019). Educational visions: The lessons from 40 years of innovation. London: Ubiquity Press.

Book overview

What have been the biggest successes in educational technology – and why have they succeeded when others have failed?

Educational Visions shows how innovations including citizen science, learning at scale, inclusive education, learning design and analytics have developed over decades. The book is shaped by the visions pursued by one research group for the past 40 years. It outlines the group’s framework for innovation and shows how this can be put into practice to achieve long-term results that benefit both students and teachers at every educational level.

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