Open Learning Analytics summit

Following LAK14, I was invited to spend a weekend on the outskirts of Indianapolis, at the Open Learning Analytics (OLA) summit. The event was organised to bring together people from the fields of learning analytics and open source software development in order to look at the connections that can be made between learning analytics, open learning, open technologies, and open research. Among the participants were two other members of the European LACE project team, who are working on linking communities and exchanging information with relation to learning analytics.

One outcome of the event was the identification of domains in which future work may be conducted. These included: open research, institutional strategy and policy issues, and learning sciences/learning design and open standards/open-source software. Ethical issues were also examined in relation to all of these.

More information about the OLA Summit is available in the press release about its findings, signed by 37 of the participants.




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