FutureLearn workshop: approaches to social learning

Social learningOn 24 June, I presented to a FutureLearn partner workshop on approaches to social learning. These include:

  • Vicarious learning – learners are aware of the learning activity of others
  • Direct learning from others – the learner asks a question and receives an answer
  • Implicit learning – the learner learns without awareness of what has been learned
  • Knowledge sharing – the learner passes on ideas and information that are taken up by others
  • Conversational learning – the learner engages in sustained dialogue with others
  • Orchestrated collaboration – a mentor guides a group towards exploration of difference or towards shared understanding
  • Shared knowledge building – the learner develops knowledge with others through interaction around a shared representation
  • Zone of proximal development (ZPD) – the learner learns through interaction and conversation with a more knowledgeable other.
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