Checking grant bids

This week I shall be one of the presenters at a university Bidding for Funding workshop on ‘Building your track record with funders’. Below is the checklist for grant applications that I will be circulating to participants

Quick-check questions

  1. What story am I telling?
  2. Who is the audience?
  3. Why does it matter?
  4. Why now?
  5. Why me / us?

Have I:

  • Formulated the problem clearly?
  • Established appropriate intellectual aims?
  • Set the problem in the context of contemporary scientific and theoretical debates?
  • Explained what the research will do – to whom or what – and why?
  • Justified my selection of staff and / or collaborators?
  • Demonstrated the ways in which this work will build on existing research?
  • Clearly and concisely set out appropriate, practical and attainable aims / objectives?
  • Shown how my research will relate to and deliver these aims and objectives?
  • Developed a well thought-out research design in which there is a reasoned and realistic explanation of the scale, timing and resources necessary?
  • Provided a full and detailed description of the proposed research methods?
  • Defended my research design and shown why others are not appropriate?
  • Highlighted any innovation in the methodology I am planning to use?
  • Justified the quality, validity, reliability and relevance of this research?
  • Considered the possibility of using existing data sources?
  • Set out a clear and systematic approach to the analysis of data?
  • Shown how my approach to analysis fits the research design?
  • Thought about the ethics of what I plan to do?
  • Addressed any sensitive issues or potential problems?
  • Fully consulted on these issues and obtained approval if required?
  • Provided written confirmation that access will be given where necessary?
  • Identified and planned for the skills and competencies required?
  • Highlighted potential difficulties and discussed how they will be handled?
  • Demonstrated the ways in which this research will make a contribution to the area?
  • Identified people outside the academic community who might use this research?
  • Involved / consulted potential users of this research?
  • Arranged for those users to continue to be involved in an appropriate way?
  • Explained why this research will be of interest to this funder?
  • Investigated possibilities for co-funding the research?
  • Provided a good quality, up-to-date bibliography?
  • Provided a clear dissemination strategy that will engage all interested parties?
  • Demonstrated ways in which my research will make an impact?
  • Considered ways of making my data and my publications open access?
  • Checked the spelling, grammar and style of my proposal?
  • Identified potential referees, and justified their selection?
  • Conveyed my genuine interest in, understanding of and enthusiasm for the research?

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