Teacher-led Inquiry and Learning Design: The Virtuous Circle

Can we make sense of the traces learners leave behind them?

Between 28 January and 30 January I co-chaired a workshop at the Alpine Rendezvous held in Villard‐de‐Lans, Vercors, in the French Alps. My co-chairs were workshop leader Yishay Mor and Barbara Wasson.

The workshop, Teacher-led Inquiry and Learning Design: The Virtuous Circle brought together inquiry, learning design and learning analytics. It also brought together participants from Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US

The objectives of the workshop were to establish a new strand of inquiry aimed at the synergy of learning design and teacher inquiry into student learning (TISL), solidify its theoretical foundations, propose methodological instruments which would build on these foundations and consider tools and representations which could support these instruments.

All workshop participants – including some who were unable to attend the workshop itself – contributed a paper on their work, and these papers were brought together online in one Cloudscape.

The workshop itself focused on working and building knowledge together, with participants working in small groups on frameworks and paper outlines.

A final presentation set out the outcomes of the workshop and our Grand Challenge for future research in technology-enhanced learning – Empower the Future Teacher.

[Details of an EC-TEL presentation that resulted from this workshop.]

Nov 2015: A book of TEL Grand Challenges identified by the Alpine Rendezvous has just been published by Springer. The Grand Challenge from our workshop is covered in the chapter on Empowering Teachers with Student Data.

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