SoLAR Storm Event

Social Learning Analytics symposium, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University UK.

An afternoon presenting and discussing the work of SocialLearn interns Zhongyu Wei (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Shaofu Huang (Bristol University) on the development of social learning analytics. I re-presented the talk on social learning analytics that I presented at LAK 2012 earlier this year, setting the scene for the work of the interns, and painting the broader picture. Zhongyu talked about his work on discourse analytics; Shaofu talked about the progress of his work on disposition analytics and there was a question and answer session with members of the audience.

View the webinar.

Full details of the event are available on the SocialLearn Research blog.

This hybrid face-to-face / webinar event formed part of SoLAR Storm  — the virtual research lab convened by the Society for Learning Analytics Research to build research capacity in this new field by networking PhD researchers with each other and the wider community.

  1. #1 by r3becca on October 29, 2012 - 8:37 am

    I also helped organise a second SoLAR Storm event at The Open University, in October 2012.
    The webcast is available here

    1.25pm BST Welcome from Simon Buckingham Shum
    1.30 pm BST Bieke Schreurs from OU NL will talk about her work in progress as an intern developing social network analytics for the SocialLearn project, together with Maarten de Laat and Chris Teplovs.
    2.00pm BST Martyn Cooper: What Can Learning/Academic Analytics Contribute to Disabled Students’ Learning and to Accessibility in e-Learning Systems?
    2.30pm BST Gill Kirkup: Data Wrangling – Bridging the Gap between Analytics and Users
    3.00pm BST Denise Whitelock: Good Pedagogical Practice Driving Learning Analytics: OpenMentor, Open Comment and SAFeSEA
    3.30pm BST Discussion

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