SoLAR Summit

Following the LAK12 conference, I was invited to join the learning analytics summit organised by SoLAR. The Society for Learning Analytic Research (SoLAR) is taking the lead in the field by organising the LAK conferences and working to coordinate research plans and new initiatives.
The summit brought together 60 people, including foundations, grant agencies, organisations, university leaders, industry, experts and researchers.
Topics included:

  • Why are analytics important in education?
  • What are analytics from your perspective?
  • Open learning analytics
  • Learning analytics in the future

I was invited to give a talk based on my technical report: ‘The State of Learning Analytics in 2012: A Review and Future Challenges


Learning analytics is a significant area of technology‐enhanced learning that has emerged during the last decade. This presentation begins with an examination of the technological, educational and political factors that have driven the development of analytics in educational settings, and the challenges posed by these factors. It goes on to summarise the emergence of learning analytics, including their origins in the 20th century, the development of data‐driven analytics, the rise of learning-focused perspectives and the influence of national economic concerns. Finally, it sets out the current state of research, and identifies a series of future challenges.

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