Mentoring Analytics

Vancouver skyscrapersIn Vancouver for LAK 2012, the second Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference. Lots of good representation from the Open University: Simon Buckingham Shum taking the lead as one of the programme chairs, Doug Clow joining the panel on building a data governance model for learning analytics, Fenella Galpin and Sharon Slade leading a workshop on the ethics of labelling students.

On 1 May I presented ‘Exploring Qualitative Analytics for E-Mentoring Relationships Building in an Online Social Learning Environment’ I was third author on this paper, with the lead taken by Haiming Liu and Ronald Macintyre.

Watch the presentation video.

View more PowerPoint fromRebecca Ferguson


The language of mentoring has become established within the workplace and has gained ground within education. As work-based education moves online, we see an increased use of what is termed ‘e-mentoring’. In this paper we identify some of the challenges of forming and supporting mentoring relationships virtually, and explore the solutions afforded by online social learning and Web 2.0. Based on a conceptualisation of learning network theory derived from the literature and from qualitative learning analytics, we propose that an e-mentoring relationships is mediated by a connection with or through a person or learning objects. We provide an example to illustrate how this might work.

Twitter coverage of talk

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