Research Fellow – SocialLearn

At the beginning of January 2009, I took up a job at The Open University as Research Fellow on SocialLearn.
Here’s my job description:

  • Develop a research strategy for your own and joint research initiatives to improve the project’s pedagogical understanding of learning in SocialLearn
  • Conduct a state of the art review as an individual research project of approaches to analysing learner activity, particularly in social networks
  • Define, gather and analyse SocialLearn user data, working with programmers as a collaborative research project to instrument the SocialLearn platform with analytics
  • Work with the software team to translate these findings into design improvements, for further evaluation
  • Liaise closely with the rest of the SocialLearn team
  • Liaise with other technical and non-technical audiences within the Open University
  • Disseminate results to the Web 2.0 educator community, and international research community, as peer reviewed publications, presentations, and via blogs and screencasts
  • Track potential funding opportunities and take the lead in drafting proposals for external grants.
    Other duties
  • You will have the opportunity to assist in PhD supervision and training in relevant projects
  • You will be required to attend project meetings and contribute appropriately.
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