Schome Park Beta opens

New islandThe next phase of the Schome Park Programme opened, now with a second island, designed and built by Woop Kamachi (Dan Seamans).

The SPP Phase 3 Bliki (a mixture of a blog and a wiki) documented events in Schome week by week. Here’s a summary of the things that happened on the first week back in world:

On the forum in the past week – Sun 20-Sat 26 January 2008:

  • Big event of the week was the opening of Schome Park. The official opening of Schome Park Beta took place on 26 January.
  • Several Schomers reported that they were experiencing extreme lag on Schome Park and suggested reasons for this.
  • A bug in Second Life led PeterT to propose amending the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  • The Hawaiian Shirts welcomed Kathy and darkwolf to their ranks.
  • More introductions were posted, including Rumaki Heron and Chocoholic Schomer, Jethro and Straad.
  • Some discussion of language which people find offensive and what should and should not be allowed on the forum.
  • Introduction to Schome of a profiles tool developed by Kathy was announced. PeterT provided a link to his use of the micro blogging feature.
  • Kathy also set up an automated prim-count system which feeds information directly to the wiki. This highlighted that prim counts on Schome Alpha are currently very high.
  • Discussion of the Second Life day brought forth the interesting information that, according to Linden Labs, the Second Life sun is infinitely large, infinitely distant, and orbits the grid.
  • Music from Dudefish’s band was uploaded, to general acclaim. (In the wiki, it’s well worth going to look at the artwork uploaded by AeroDragonX, which is also very good.)
  • There was discussion of the possibility of government elections.
  • Proposals for planning permission for Liony’s castle and Achilles’ improved sumo arena.
  • Decimus launched a new forum game: ‘Misquote the person above you’.
  • Staff discussed writing an article for a special issue of the academic journal ALT-J.

So far this month there have been 140 new topics, 4587 new posts, 166,988 page views and 47 new members on the forum.

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