Fluid leadership

My first experience of presenting virtually at an international conference. Julia Gillen was in San Diego at the ISCAR conference – Anna Peachey and I were up at 1am with our avatars in place. It didn’t work because the timings at the conference were way out – the last speaker was still on, it wasn’t clear who was speaking, where to look or who could help. We did our best, but eventually gave up and went to bed, leaving Julia to do the presentation in the physical world.

September 8-13 Peachey, A., Gillen, J. & Ferguson, R. (2008) Fluid leadership in a multi-user virtual environment educational project with teenagers: Schome Park. Paper presented at Ecologies of Diversities: the developmental and historical interarticulation of human meditational forms: meeting of the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research, San Diego,USA. September 8-13.

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