In November 2006, I joined the Schome project

Schome is an ongoing research initiative which is working to develop a ‘fit for purpose’ education system for society today. We are working on developing a system which will support people learning throughout their lives, from the cradle to the grave. Unlike other initiatives to transform education the Schome Initiative takes the view that you needed to start with a vision of the ideal education system that would genuinely meet the needs of society and individuals in the 21st Century and was unconstrained by pre-conceptions of existing education systems

As part of the initiative, I took part in the Schome Park Programme. This series of research projects ran on our island in Teen Second Life™ virtual world, as well as on a wiki, and forums and a variety of other online sites. Here’s a description from the wiki of one of my first trips into Second Life with my Main Grid avatar, Marie Arnold – and some of the reactions I received to that visit.

  • First of all I teleported to the island
  • Then I sat on a frog, and bounced around for a while
  • The island is covered with giant toilet rolls at the moment, some of them zebra-patterned
  • I teleported to the mainland and took a balloon tour
  • Olly suggested I’d see more if I stood up, so I stood up, and then I fell out.
  • Then I headed to Boogie Nights disco, as suggested by Dan, and earned $6 by dancing while, in real life, I was off having a chat.

My friend was completely bemused, couldn’t see the point, couldn’t see why people would spend real money on this sort of thing.
That evening, I described my morning to my children. They thought it was brilliant. Especially the toilet rolls. I had to describe those in great detail. They wanted to go and play straight away, and were very disappointed when I said they couldn’t even go to Teen SecondLife until they were 13. ‘But, mum, that’s another six years.’


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