ALT-C 2007: Beyond Control

In September 2007 I was up in Nottingham at the Association for Learning Technology conference (ALT-C).

Together with Gill Clough, I presented the blogging research we had carried out with Anesa Hosein: ‘Postgraduate blogs: beyond the ordinary research journal‘.


The study described in this paper investigated ways in which keeping a research journal as a blog rather than as a paper document influenced the postgraduate student research experience. Four blogs (three individual and one collaborative blog) initiated by three research students were used as the corpus of data. The three individual blogs acted as alternatives to the traditional research journal. The analysis indicated that blogs can promote a community where students are encouraged to reflect and share ideas, skills and research life idiosyncrasies. Blogs also acted as memory repositories and encouraged collaboration amongst the research students.

We also presented the paper at The Open University at the 2007 CALRG conference:

FERGUSON, R., CLOUGH, G. & HOSEIN, A. Postgraduate Blogs: Beyond the Ordinary Research Journal.  Computer Assisted Learning Group (CALRG) Conference 2007, 2007 The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.

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